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Concrete Core Sampling

Many of our Diamond Core Drilling Machines are used by Concrete Testing Laboratories when they take samples from roadways or airport runways for testing purposes.

Cores are cut from the substrate to be tested, using a rotary drilling machine (rig) with a hollow barrel tipped with diamond segments.

To ensure a perfectly formed core is retrieved from the hole, it is generally accepted that the drilling rig has to be bolted into position of fixed firmly using weights.  An alternative method is to secure the rig by vacuum pad, but this doesn’t work well on asphalt.  Fully standalone trailer coring rigs are often used on roadways or airport runways, when the jobs are time dependant or electrical power is not readily available.

For accurate strength testing results, the core diameter must be at least 3.5 times the size of the largest aggregate within the sample.  Smaller samples can be used the results are then less accurate.

The length of the sample is important as well. It is generally accepted that the length of the sample should be equal to between 1 and 1.2 times the diameter of the core.

The ends of the cores should be flat and perpendicular to the core walls.

It is often found that 100mm diameter cores, cut to 100mm length are ideal for fitting into the testing machines.

Diamond Hire & Sales are able to offer bolt down, or suck down coring rigs, small generators, stand-alone coring trailers, bench saws and consumables for hire or sale, often at short notice, anywhere in the UK.

Alternatively, an operated service can be provided, where an operative will turn up and drill samples to site instruction or cores can be cut to length to suit customer testing needs. 

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