Bycon DMP162D Diamond Drill


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£695.00 (ex VAT)

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Main features:

1. 3-speed gear regulation and variable speed thumb Wheel: variable speed for drilling concrete core in various diameter. The built-in variable speed thumbwheel lets operator control the suitable speed at different conditions.

2. Two operation methods: only 7.3KG, free-hand operation. Or fix to drill rig through the 60mm bracket.

3. Adjustable front handle: easy to loosen handle.

4. Level gauge equipped: to check if the position of the motor is in horizontal stage or not.

5. LED indicator light: Red light means the carbon brushes need to be replaced. The yellow light indicates overloading and overheat warning and protection.

6. Advanced motor control & protection: this model has Soft Start inside. And with overloading protection.

7. PRCD fitted for production: It will help when turn on the motor. Besides, it will protect core drill motor in electric leaking or in unsteady voltage situation.

8. Mechanical slipping clutch equipped: to ensure safety as much as possible.

9. External carbon brushes: operators can change carbon brushes easily, no need to disassemble motor.

10. Magnesium shell: AZ91D magnesium alloy metal case.

11. Quick connector for water tube.

12mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£25.00 (ex VAT)
25mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£40.80 (ex VAT)
32mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£42.40 (ex VAT)
48mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£50.35 (ex VAT)
52mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£51.02 (ex VAT)
57mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£56.98 (ex VAT)
67mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£56.98 (ex VAT)
78mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£59.63 (ex VAT)
92mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£66.26 (ex VAT)
102mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£67.58 (ex VAT)
107mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£68.20 (ex VAT)
112mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£74.21 (ex VAT)
117mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£81.50 (ex VAT)
127mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£84.82 (ex VAT)
152mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£96.08 (ex VAT)
162mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£116.16 (ex VAT)
172mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£109.08 (ex VAT)
178mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£115.95 (ex VAT)
200mm ⌀ Diamond Core
£134.00 (ex VAT)
Voltage 120V
Max Portable Drilling Diameter 162 mm
Max Drilling Diameter with Stand 202 mm
No load speed 650/1300/2600 RPM
The Portable Drilling Diameter of 1,2,3 Gear 162 mm / 82 mm / 42 mm
The Drilling Diameter with stand of 1,2,3 Gear 202 mm / 102 mm / 62 mm
Spindle thread 1-1/4" UNC & 1/2" G
Drill Stand for Option DSP-162 DSP-252
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