Twinca E800 Dumper

The Twinca Contractor E800 has a load capacity of 800 kg. It has four wheels for stable manoeuvring and is easy to turn, which is a great advantage where working conditions are cramped. The unique steering design, allows the handles to be moved forward, so it is easy to negotiate narrow alleyways.

The E800 is a completely silent machine and has completely variable speed adjustment. There is a safety device on the steering handles, which reverses direction so that the operator is not trapped or crushed.


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  • Electrically Powered
  • Load Capacity to 800 kg
  • Moves up to 30 Tonnes on one charge
  • Low Floor Loadings
  • Long run time
  • 800 to 1000 re-charges before batteries need changing
SpecificationTwinca Contractor E800
Load Capacity800 kg
Weight420 kg
Max Speed6 km/h
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