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Revolutionary bag-in-box fuelling system

20 litres of Gas oil in a U.N. approved bag-in-box system. Comes pre filled and ready to use. Suitable for all off-road diesel engines, including those fitted with DPF, EGR and SCR systems as well as modern machines calibrated to EN590. The FuelBox features improved Cetane ratings, boosted power and reduced deposit and varnish build-up. It also improves combustion efficiency and fuel consumption, while reducing visible emissions.


Fast, efficient and easy to use
Flexi-pour hose for precise pouring
Glug-free pouring to prevent spillages,
with collapsible U.N. approved bag
Zero risk of contamination
Push in side-handles


Reduces carbon footprint with environmentally friendly packaging

  • 86% less landfill waste than traditional jerry cans
  • 90% less plastic packaging than alternative

90 Fuelbox bags fit in the same
space as a jerry can, reducing
hazardous waste costs

Disposing of 14 pallets is equivalent
to disposing of 6 jerry cans

Recycle box & dispose bag
in hazardous waste

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