Percussion duster drill bit 22mm diameter

Dustless Drilling

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Enhanced dust-free drilling! The Heller Duster Expert extraction drill bit enables dust-free drilling while complying with the common, stricter standards for health protection (e.g. TRGS 900) when used with an M class vacuum. 98% of the drill dust is immediately removed when produced at the tip of the drill.

This means the Duster Expert is also perfect for use in indoor applications.

Time savings and increased productivity are extra benifits when setting chemical anchors as there is no need to clean out the drill hole. These drill bits are available with SDS-plus and SDS-max shanks.Tips and tricks for professional use: Click here for the Heller video tutorial

The Duster Expert combines drilling and dust extraction in a single step for all concrete work

Removes 98% of drilling dust where it originates at the drill tip

Rugged design of the drill and shaft for a long service life

Highest productivity on setting chemical anchors as there is no need to clean the drilled hole

Fast thanks to extra large openings at the tip and reduced drilling resistance as drilling dust is routed internally

Saves annoying cleaning of the surroundings

Perfect for use in interior applications

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