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VAC-EX is a UK manufacturer of compact, towable vacuum excavators and safe excavating equipment. Everything we do is to allow safe excavation around live services and utilities. VAC-EX has drawn on its years of experience with the larger vacuum excavators to provide the industry with the AIR-VAC, the first ever machine that solves the problem of safe digging, in restricted access areas. The innovative turbine and filtration design ensure there is a high level of vacuum. The AIR-VAC complete with trailer weighs 2200kg, light enough to be towed behind a transit van. The AIR-VAC can be tracked through the tightest of locations. Once at the dig site the ground is agitated with compressed air through the VAC-EX, AIR-EX lance, from a vehicle mounted compressor. The ground can now be safely vacuumed into the AIR-VAC and stored in the 0.2m cubed integrated skip. Air lance and dig pipe are manufactured from HDPE Plastic which will insulate the user from any live underground cable. This has been tested and certified to 75KV. Once full, the AIR-VAC can be tracked to a tipping point and the skip raised to allow the debris to be tipped into a dumpy bag, machine bucket or low trailer.

Length2400 mm
Width990 mm
Height – Min Tipping 1910 mm
Height- Max Tipping 2540 mm
Weight (tare) 1650 kg
Skip Capacity 0.18 m³
Hose Inlet 125 mm / 5”
Hydraulic power 60 l/m @ 170 bar
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