Darda C9 Hydraulic Burster

Ideal for mass concrete

Low noise / vibration splitting


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Our Hydraulic Darda Bursters are a great way to break up concrete and brickwork, in a controlled manner, where noise and dust may be a problem.

The principle is simple, first, a number of 45 to 48mm holes must first be drilled into the substrate to be broken up.

Then, the powerful hydraulic burster (spreading) wedges are then inserted into the hole.

Finally, the wedge set is then expanded, putting the concrete under a high tensile load, sufficient to split it apart.

The unit has its own dedicated 110v Powered hydraulic power unit to provide the splitting force.

  • High powered controlled direction splitting
  • Portable concrete & stone splitting
  • No vibration or shockwaves, low noise
  • Can be used underwater
  • Suitable for small to medium concrete removal
  • Suitable for pile cap splitting (C9L)
  • Rock and Stone splitting
  • For moderate tasks in concrete and light to moderate reinforced concrete
  • On each kilogram of weight comes 9.1 tons of splitting power
  • The lightest Splitter in relation to its splitting power
  • Splitting force up to 200 tonnes
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