Hycon HPP18E Flex 415v Hydraulic Power Pack


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The HYCON HPP18E FLEX is equipped with a 13.2 kW (18 HP) motor, and the flow can be set to 20-30-40-46 lpm, making it the perfect power pack for professional and specialized companies within concrete cutting and coring business.

The opportunities when running HPP18E FLEX are not limited to the HYCON product range. It also allows a combination of this versatile power pack and other hydraulic tools up to impressing 46 lpm.

Not only is the powerpack completely emission-free, which can be a great advantage


with stricter health and safety requirements coming in the future, but also when it comes to the operators. They can use the powerpack indoors, where a traditional gasoline or diesel engine would be forbidden due to exhaust gas.

Most common electric power packs run full rpm on the motor and then restrict the flow to regulate the output lpm. Variable Frequency Drive (VFP) controls the motor rpm. to change the output flow between 20, 30, 40, and 46 lpm. This ensures lower energy consumption. It creates more heat in the hydraulic oil and increases the overheating risk.

Dimensions, L x W x H [mm] / Weight [kg]805 x 625 x 704 / 155
Oil flow [LPM]20-30-40-46
Max pressure [bar]160
MotorHoyer HMA3 132M2 (13,2 kW 35A), 3x400/480V, 50/60 Hz
Sound power level LWa [dB]99
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