Magnum hydraulic hand held core drill range

Our Magnum hydraulic hand held core drill range provide unrivalled power for both wet & dry drilling applications. Despite their power there is little or no kick or snatch due to the in-built pressure / torque limiting valve.


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  • Four sizes of unit available, each with different rotary speeds.
  • Hose connection to drill motor is positioned on the top of the Magnum out of the way of the operator.
  • Robust construction with no fragile electrical components making the Magnum range very low maintenance.
  • Low noise and high performance with increased diamond core bit life.
  • Hydraulic operation allows the unit to be used in underwater applications.
  • Quiet and spark free operation makes the Magnum ideal for use in hazardous environments, like petrol stations.
  • Little or no kick or snatch due to the in-built pressure / torque limiting valve.
  • Standard 60mm collar for use with many different types of drill stands. Like our DS140 or our Simplex stand on drill stands.
  • Compatible with our Magnum drill chuck adaptor for drilling applications.
  • Can be used on machines with a power take off facility.
  • Safe and powerful.
  • Hand/Arm Vibration: When free running only 0.6m/sec r.m.s.
  • Our Magnums are CE Registered.
16mm Diamond Core
£24.95 (ex VAT)
18mm Diamond Core
£26.00 (ex VAT)
20mm Diamond Core
£28.00 (ex VAT)
22mm Diamond Core
£45.50 (ex VAT)
26mm Diamond Core
£45.00 (ex VAT)
28mm Diamond Core
£48.23 (ex VAT)
30mm Diamond Core
£40.80 (ex VAT)
32mm Diamond Core
£42.40 (ex VAT)
42mm Diamond Core
£47.20 (ex VAT)
52mm Diamond Core
£51.02 (ex VAT)
48mm Diamond Core
£50.35 (ex VAT)
57mm Diamond Core
£56.98 (ex VAT)
67mm Diamond Core
£56.98 (ex VAT)
78mm Diamond Core
£59.63 (ex VAT)
Hydraulic flow max20 l/min
Recommended hydraulic pressure 70 - 92 bar
Oil working temperature 25 - 80°C
Max. power output 3.6 kw
Dimensions (L x W x H) 420 x 90 x 200 mm
Weight8 kg
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Magnum Drill
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