Brokk 60 Demolition Robot

Small and compact 500kg

Low centre of gravity


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The Brokk 60 small compact and powerful

Ideal demolition tool for tight space and weight restricted areas.

The Brokk 60 is the smallest and lightest demolition robot available, weighing in at just 500kg.

These machines are 6 to 8 times as effective as hand held tools and because the machine is remote controlled, there is zero HAV and zero fatigue for the operator.

The size and power of these machines now make it cost effective to put a machine in places where it was previously impractical.

The hammer on the Brokk 60 is now 25% more powerful that it’s predecessor.

Low floor loadings make it a winner on weak floor slabs and it is often possible to transport it in personnel lifts.

It’s low centre of gravity and agility mean it can be tracked up and down some staircases.

Power415v 32amp
Motor Power5.5Kw
Reach 2.5m
Height Reach2.5m
Breaker Atlas Copco SB102
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Brokk 60 Techical Spec
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