Steel Shears DSS200

85t Cutting Force

Fits to: Brokk 110 Brokk 170 Brokk 200


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Our compact universal steel shearer DSS 200 is compatible with all our demolition robots. Thanks to its low weight and high shearing force it is ideal for work in confined spaces with a high requirement of shearing force. Furthermore it is useful in sensitive areas such as process industries, as well as demolition of structures, piping and process vessels. To use DSS 200 you need to install the extra hydraulic function on the robot.

Hydraulic oil flow75 l/min
Cutting force85.7 t
Rotation angle360 °
Incoming pressure, max250 bar
Operating pressure Max250 bar
Jaw depth158 mm
Jaw opening, max200mm
Rebar size, max25mm
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