Bycon DSP-500 Diamond Drill Rig

DSP-500 core drill rig drilling up to 502mm, is a robust large-sized drill stand. It is very sturdy. The base plate is exceptionally stable thanks to its optimized size.


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£795.00 (ex VAT)

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An ideal choice for medium to heavy core drilling in walls, floors, and roofs up to 502mm diameter. Suitable for stitch drilling larger holes for ventilation and plumbing. High-performance core drill stands for demanding core drilling jobs with features of sturdy, robust and premium. DSP-500 is a completely ideal stand for operators who need a stand capable to provide extreme strong stability even under the most extreme torque loads.

Main features:

1. Adjustable column: 0-45 degree adjustment drilling in diverse direction.

2. 60mm and 100mm motor plate: quick connect motor plate. Can be matched to most brands.

3. Rolling speed option: It’s installed 1:2 Speed adjustment to save more strength. With reduction gear for reduce speed and effort.

4. New material for carriage: AZ91D Magnesium alloy for carriage and inner roller is aluminum alloy.

5. Automatic spring lock to adjust bars: an automatic spring back inside for easy changing of angle.

6. “One for all” crank handle: as a 13mm wrench, the multi-purpose handle can be used to adjust screws for leveling.

7. Aluminum column and steel teeth: aluminum material for lightweight, steel teeth for accurate drilling and long life service.

8. Tool-free carriage lock lever: more safety in transportation. Just slide the lock, make it easier if you move the handle a little bit to relieve the pressure.

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