Husqvarna K6500 High Frequency Concrete Chain Saw

This fully electric “High Frequency” concrete cutting chainsaw is the latest generation of hand held cutters which is ideal for cutting square internal corners (no overcut) or small, deep box cuts where the use of a conventional cutter would not be possible.

See the impressive specification below to understand how this machine could help you with your project.


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K 6500 Chain is equipped with high frequency PRIME™ technology, making it a very powerful electric chain cutter.

The high power output, well-balanced body and low vibrations make this machine very efficient and easy to use.

With K 6500 Chain it is possible to cut 450 mm deep from one side, making this machine a great complement to wall saws to avoid overcutting at corners.

It is also ideal for cutting irregular or small openings (as small as 11×11 cm). The PRIME™ product range enables you to combine the system that is most efficient for your business.

K 6500 can be used with either PP 65 or PP 220 as a power source. Expand the system as your needs develop.

38cm Guide Bar
£114.75 (ex VAT)
50cm Guide Bar
£126.00 (ex VAT)
63cm Guide Bar
£168.00 (ex VAT)
38cm Diamond Chain
£369.00 (ex VAT)
50cm Diamond Chain
£430.50 (ex VAT)
63cm Diamond Chain
£505.50 (ex VAT)
Power Required415v / 32A / 3 Phase (Full Power)
Max Cutting Depth450mm
Vibrations left/front handle2.7 m/s²
Vibrations right/rear handle2.1 m/s²
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