Speedy 180 Rock Drilling Mast

No Hand and Arm Vibration.

Ideal for dowel bars and anchor fixings.


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The Rock Drilling Mast System ( Speedy 180 ) is coupled to the arm of an excavator and is operated via a remote control unit attached to the operator’s waist.

The mast can be mounted on any suitable Brokk / excavator.

Positioned by the machine’s hydraulic system and powered by a separate compressor, the rock drilling can be carried out free from Hand and Arm Vibration.

Our Rock Drilling Mast System is very versatile and has the capacity to drill vertically or horizontally and is used for drilling mass concrete, masonry & rock

Typical Applications:

  • Dowel bar drilling
  • Induction line drilling
  • Anchor hole drilling
  • Hydraulic bursting holes to aid concrete removal

Machine Mast Rock Drilling Advantages:

  • No scaffolding required for high level horizontal holes
  • Quick mobilisation and demobilisation
  • No Hand and Arm vibration
  • High outputs using one operative & machine
PowerAir - 100CFM (min)
Max Dia64mm
Max Depth1.8 (single stroke) Deeper with additional bars * Call for details
Rock Drill TypeCP32
Rod Type7/8 x 3 1/4
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Rock Drilling Mast
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