Petrol Post Driver DPD-100

Post driver DPD-100 for professionals.

Single operation - lightweight and powerful


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£425.00 (ex VAT)

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Ideal for fencing, farming, vineyards, landscaping, construction… Any shape posts up to 120 mm diameter.

Petrol post driver for driving fence post and stakes into the ground.

Main Features:

1. Engine: Standard 2-stroke, 51.7cc engine.

2. Large power and hit frequency: makes it easier to driver posts into the ground,  even in harsh environment.

3. Unique support for the engine: protect’s engine and fuel tank from abrasion.

4. Less vibration: The handle is covered with rubber inc 4 damping springs to reduce vibration.

5. Portable: Petrol driven.

6. BMC carry case: to ease transportation and storage.

7. Lightweight: Only 18.5 kg.

Max. Post diameter 100mm / 120mm
Fuel tank volume 1 L
Fuelmixed oil(25:1)
Max power and correspond rotating speed 1.4 kw / 6500 r/min
Max torque and speed 2.2N.m/5000r/min
Noise≤104 dB(A)
Fuel consumption rate ≤610 g/kw.h
Impact Frequency Impact frequency
Impact Energy 25-50 J
Carburetor type Diaphragm type
Starter system Hand pull start
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