Petrol Post Driver DPD-80

Petrol-driven post driver is designed for one man operation. Bycon DPD-80 with max. 80mm capacity, has 4 piling sleeves for small size posts. Lightweight and compact design with high grade material, it is the best choice for your farming, vineyards, lands.


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£330.00 (ex VAT)

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Bycon fence post driver DPD-8 is an ideal choice for your tent stake, pegs, small wooden posts, pegs, signs and other items. The high impact action of 1500-2000BPM enables to drive a post into the ground in seconds. The package included one post driver DPD-80, 1 set of the toolkit, 1 tube of grease to maintain the post driver, all in one BMC carry case. And post driver comes with the 12-month warranty.

Main Features:

1. 4-stroke, 37.7cc engine: No fuel / Oil mixing, the moderate power is befitting for posts from 20mm-80mm. (Original Honda GX35 is optional)

2. Variable sleeves available: With 20-45mm, 55mm, 73mm and 80mm sleeves. 73mm and 80mm are suitable for pipes, stakes and small round posts. 20-45mm and 50mm sleeves are suitable for Y / T star pickets.

3. Less vibration: Soft grip handle and extensive spring vibration dampen.

4. Portable design: Only 12KG, minimize fatigue. No compressor, pipe needed.

5. Packed in BMC carry case: This model comes with a BMC carry case with wheels to easily store this tool after use and transportation.

Max. Post diameter80mm
Fuel tank volume 0.64 L
Fuel86 otane, unleaded gasoline or higher
Oil capacity 0.12L
Max power and correspond rotating speed 1.3hp/6,500r/min
Max torque and speed 1.63N.m/5,500r/min
Fuel consumption rate ≤ 0.8L/H
Impact Frequency 1500-2000BPM
Impact Energy up to 43.4J
Carburetor type H129-1C4/H629-1C4
Starter system Hand pull start
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